Withdrawal of Support of Eden Clinic

The Fall of EdeN Sermon, 02/03/2019

Trinity Baptist Church has had a sacred bond with the Christian, Christ, and gospel-centered ministry of Eden Clinic to share the gospel and save babies from abortion since 1996. Members of our church have been involved with Eden Clinic since its founding. We have had a host of people who have served as counselors, private donors, prayer warriors, and board members during this more than two-decade relationship. We have supported Eden’s annual fund-raising banquet as well as having annual love offerings for Eden at Trinity.

Regrettably the board of Eden Clinic, in concert with the desires of the director, have changed the purposes* and practices of the clinic. (*The original document used the singular “purpose” whereas the revised uses the plural “purposes.”)

The change includes revising the original Article IV of the Articles of Incorporation, which delineated the purpose of Eden Clinic. The original Articles of Incorporation included repeated and undeniable claims to being a Christ and gospel-centered pro-life ministry. The original Article IV stated the purpose of the Clinic by including the words pro-life once, anti-abortion once, Christian three times, churches two times, ministry five times, proclaim Christ one time, and Bible one time. The exact statements are: “The purpose of the...Crisis Pregnancy Center...is to provide a pro-life (anti-abortion) ministry,” “It will couple a clear Christian witness,” “complement the work of existing ministries in local churches,” “funded through the provision of local churches,” “The CPC is a local Christian ministry,” “It is a Christian ministry whose ministry proclaims Christ,” “It will challenge our community to develop a Biblical view of marriage and sexuality and sanctity of human life.” None of these purposes are in the new Article IV purposes of the Clinic. Eden now brands itself with such banal nondescript terms as “life-affirming” and “faith-based.” Virtually any Christ-denying person, even many atheists, (e.g., humanists), can now sign on.

This change in Article IV permits Eden to provide contraceptives to single women, which means they can have premarital sex, sin, without any consequences. Premarital sex is commonly referred to as fornication in the Bible, which is consistently and resoundingly condemned in the Bible and fornicators are declared to be under the judgment of God (Matthew 15:19; Mark 7:21; Acts 15:20; 1 Corinthians 6:9).

We join with Christ in his call to the man who had been healed, “Do not sin anymore" (John 5:14), and his words to the woman caught in adultery, “From now on sin no more” (John 8:11).

Therefore, on January 22, 2019, the elders of Trinity Baptist Church unanimously voted that Eden Clinic was no longer worthy to be endorsed by or associated with Trinity Baptist Church or its members.

Members may choose to continue their involvement, but the elders do not encourage members to be involved with Eden Clinic. Promotion or support of Eden Clinic is no longer welcome at Trinity Baptist Church.

We will continue to work with pro-life organizations who are unashamed of being identified as Christian and proclaiming Christ to all.

The Elders of Trinity Baptist Church