Partnering with Parents to Make Disciples

As we partner with parents to make disciples, our Youth Ministry has 3 primary goals:

  1. Help students develop a faith of their own
  2. Help students apply their faith in all areas of life, including family, school, and extracurricular activities
  3. Launch students into adulthood with a vibrant, growing relationship with God as well as a robust, healthy understanding of the Scriptures, the church, and the culture

We reach these goals by consistently pointing students to the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ and showing them how to live in light of this good news.

Weekly Schedule & Events

Sunday 9:30 am | Youth Life

We have 4 YouthLife groups for students to be equipped in the Word. While students are a part of our student ministry, they will learn extensively about the gospel, spiritual habits, the church, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Christian worldview, and how to study the Bible (see information below about each group).

Wednesday 6 pm | Engage Small Groups

Students gather weekly with other students of the same age and gender and are led by two adult members of our youth ministry team. This is a time for students to learn spiritual habits, have fellowship with one another, and have biblical accountability to help them grow in their relationship with Christ.

Wednesday 7 pm | Engage Worship & Bible Study

After our small groups meet for weekly discipleship, we gather together for a time of worship and Bible study.

Falls Creek, Retreats & Activities

During the year we have a variety of activities including retreats, sports, mission trips, and service projects. We also attend Falls Creek every summer. 

TBC Youth Newsletter

To sign up for the Parent Newsletter, which includes ministry updates, calendar information, and other resources, or to ask a question about our ministry, please email  ryan@trinitynorman.org.

Youth Life 1

11-12th graders are getting ready to launch into the world, whether into a job, college, marriage, or sometimes the great unknown. As they finish up their time in the youth, these juniors and seniors are taught about  Christian Worldview, Apologetics, and how to study the Bible.

YouthLife 1 is led by Doug & Lorie Gray

Youth Life 2

9th & 10th graders begin to dig deep into the Word, learning about the New Testament and how the scripture intersects into their daily lives in the 21st century.

YouthLife 2 is led by Adam & Lisa Wilmoth

Youth Life 3

7th and 8th grade join together to begin to learn who they are in Christ, and do a year long study of the Old Testament.

YouthLife 3 is led by Bo & Christina Maynes

Youth Life 4

6th Grade is the starting point for students in our ENGAGE Ministry. As students transition from Elementary to Youth, a foundation is laid by teaching Introduction to the Gospel, the Church, and Spiritual Habits.

YouthLife 4 is led by Jason & Catherine Colvin