RoundTable Discussions

  • Round Table Discussions are in-depth and interactive studies of different areas of Christian belief and life, led by Senior Pastor Ronnie W. Rogers.
  • The purpose is to grow deeper in our understanding of God’s person, will, ways, and works in order to experience a more meaningful relationship with Him and effectiveness in engaging our culture.
  • 9/23/19 thru 12/9/19. Resumes 2/3/20 thru 5/4/20 (off Spring Break week). There will be one class Monday evening from 7–8 p.m. and one class Tuesday morning from 6:30-7:30 am of either Theology, Ethics, or Ideology. Only Theology is open to those who have never taken a class. The first Monday of the month, both RT groups will meet at the pastor’s home from 6:30–10 p.m.
  • Meet weekly for an hour in the pastor's study, and once a month at the pastor's home for a light meal and extended discussion.
  • Each Round Table is limited to one class of six members each.
  • WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Men who desire such discipling and commit to the following: (It is all in the name.)

Round Table: This means that your commitment to attend, participate, and grow spiritually is like that of the knights of the Round Table—you can miss the RT, or preparing for it, only if you die, but then only one time will be considered excused and assignments will need to be made up.

  1. Discussions: Everyone who is a part of the RT must be engaged in the discussions. Silence by a member of the RT is deemed worthy of slaying by the verbal stilettos of his fellow RT members and/or forfeiting his place at the Round Table.
  2. Purchase of a book: Each member is required to purchase the appropriate text.
  3. Ministering: Must be presently involved in ministering to people and committed to use what you learn in the Round Table to help others come to know Christ and follow Him.
  4. If you have finished Theology, you can sign up for Ethics Round Table, If you have finished Theology and Ethics, you can sign up for Ideology Round Table (the Capstone).

To signup, contact the church office before September 15th

Trinity Baptist Church

Location: 801 N. Peters Ave, Norman OK 73069


Phone: 405.321.2000

Bible Study: 9:15am   

Sunday Services: 10:40am | 6pm