Suggested Prayer Topics

Pray for Norman meets each Wednesday noon to 1 p.m.
This event is open to all who want to pray. Contact the church for more information.

  • Search your hearts for sinful attitudes, words, and deeds. Confess them and seek God’s cleansing  1 John 1:9


    Confess the sins of our nation—racism, injustice, disregard for life—born and unborn, immorality, hatred toward those with different views, to name a few. 

    Daniel 9:3-19; 2 Chronicles 7:14


    Pray for our political leaders—local, state and national, “that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.”  1 Timothy 2:2.


    Pray that our land would be healed.


    Pray for those in government, the press, and other places of influence, that they would come to the Lord, seek His face, be obedient to His Word.


    Pray that truth would prevail.


    Pray that justice would prevail.


    Pray that our police would be even-handed in enforcing our laws. Pray also that they and their families be protected from all harm during these troubled times.


    Pray for peace.


    Pray for those serving in the military and for their families.


    Pray for persecuted Christians in China, Indonesia, Iran, Africa, and elsewhere.


    Pray that our Constitution would be honored and enforced and applied equally to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, and creed.


    Ask the Holy Spirit to open our hearts to other issues He would ask us to lift up in prayer. See Romans 8:26.

    Pray for our schools.

    Pray for those in nursing homes and assisted living centers.

    Pray for businesses and employees who have been affected by COVID 19.