Our goal is to plant house churches in each of 30+ Naisu villages in southwest China. We are partnering with two urban house churches in Yunnan Province to make evangelistic and disciple-making trips into the rural mountains once each month. We are also developing an online walnut business model to increase funding for support of additional Naisu workers.   

Specific Needs

Pray with us
  • As we partner with Wycliffe Associates to encourage Naisu believers to translate and record Scripture into their heart language, which is only oral, not written
  • For more mission-minded local churches to join with our church planting efforts so more indigenous house churches can be established and/or grown
  • For wisdom & discernment for house churches
  • For safety of mission teams who visit rural villages in the mountains each month
  • For success of online marketing plans to provide employment and ministry support for Naisu believers
  • For more access to Scripture on phones and MP3s   

Trinity Baptist Church

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Phone: 405.321.2000

Bible Study: 9:15am

Sunday Services: 10:40am | 6pm